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This site provides a connection between the people of the Louisiade Islands and cruising yachties who visit them. This is a not-for-profit online community run by yachties for yachties and their friends.
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Access to this Site

Everyone is welcome to browse this site. To contribute content or participate in the online forums, we will ask to you to "log in". Registration is free, only takes a second, and helps us stop people misusing our site. Click here for immediate access. We promise never to share your information with anyone, ever. We will only use your email address to confirm your registration, and remind you of your site password in the event you forget it.

(The fine print: This promise applies to registered users who use this site in good faith. We reserve the right to publish a "Name and Shame" page containing user names and email accounts of malicious users who intentionally deface or damage this site, attempt to use it to propagate spam, or post content to this site that is not specifically relevant to the Australia/Pacific cruising community and their relationship with the people of the Louisiades.)

If you have already registered, please enter your Username and Password at the top of this page.


Finding Your Way Around this Site

This site is grouped according to the following topics:

  • Trading in the Louisiades - including who needs what, suggestions for trade items and gifts
  • Navigation - info and advice about charts, plotters, waypoints, destinations, etc. as it relates to the Louisiades
  • People and Places - information about some of the sights and characters of the Louisiades, including Must See hilights of the area and suggested activities
  • Events In the Louisiades - What's rumoured to be happening in the coming months
  • Online Discussion Forum - a venue for sharing news and views on any and every relevant topic

Aims of the Site

After spending a month cruising the Lousiades with the 2009 Louisiades Rally(external link), we established this site with the following aims:

  • To provide advice and information to first time visitors to the Louisiades
  • To create a "notice board" to advertise specific items needed by local individuals or communities
  • To provide a discussion forum for people with an interest in the Louisiades

The "notice board" concept is particularly important, as we met many wonderful people in the islands who had quite specific yet simple needs. Had we understood their needs before we left Cairns, we would have gladly brought a box of nails or some old hacksaws (by way of example) to trade for fresh produce.

We are in direct contact by post and email with several communities in the islands, and will post their requests as they arrive. We hope that some of the Louisiades people will have direct access to this site when they visit the Internet cafe in Misima. Please also feel free to contribute requests on behalf of your friends and contacts in the Islands.

We Need Your Input

We invite you to help maintain this site. It is actually a "wiki(external link)" - which basically means that it is an interactive website that lets readers comment on, discuss, and even edit the information on it. Once you register with us, you will start seeing the following icon against the most articles: Edit Icon
By clicking on these icons, you will have the opportunity to edit the content of this site.

Please share relevant and interesting websites with us by submitting links which we will display in the Link Directory of this site.

We also invite you to comment on articles, and communicate with other yachties and Friends of the Louisiades in our Discussion Forums.

Getting started

If you have registered but are struggeling how to get startet with leaving your own comments or sharing information about the islands, log in and try the links below:

  • The Tutorial will tell you how to use all the features that are accessible to the registered user.
  • In the Sandbox(external link) you can practise all the things you learnt in the Tutorial about editing pages.

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